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“AI and The Future of Work” – FREE EVENT

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“AI & The Future of Work”

Join us for the second of our thought-provoking webinars, designed to help you and your business navigate through the future of digitalisation, cybersecurity, and innovation.

We are surrounded by data without much awareness of what that actually means. We also hear a lot about AI, automation and a whole raft of technologies but we’re lacking context.

We will be looking to weave these together to bring a more coherent and contextualised picture of what the near future we’re diving into; will actually look like.”

We have by now all learned that we live in the age of data. It is the new oil, they say. Every business owner knows that the Internet, the data they collect through it and the learnings from that can change their business outcomes, but what is in store for tomorrow?

Everyone hears about some AI thing or another but what does it mean? This talk will explore data and what we can do with it. It will bring together the notion of data points, their sources and how AI will be able to amplify them. It will also provide tangible examples on how this impacts businesses today.

Attendees will leave with a better understanding on how it impacts their businesses and how they can prepare for that next stage of the rocket we ride. Because today will be the slowest pace of progress we will ever know!

Volker Hirsch

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Volker is a Venture Partner at Amadeus Capital Partners having joined in 2018. His current investment focus is on artificial intelligence & machine learning, human-machine interfaces, enterprise SaaS, autonomous systems, digital health and medical technologies.

Volker is an entrepreneur who has founded and co-founded seven companies to date. He is currently a co-founder of Blue Beck, a mobile development house, and a Venture Partner at Emerge Education, the EdTech accelerator programme. He is also co-founder of Tech North Advocates, championing the case for technology in the North of England. As an angel investor, Volker was amongst the first investors in companies including Pi-Top, Wonde and Bibblio (where he is now Chairman).

Previously, Volker was Chief Strategy Officer at Scoreloop, a mobile social gaming platform, which he helped grow to 450m users at its peak. After its acquisition by BlackBerry in 2011, he served as BlackBerry’s Global Head of Business Development – Games, responsible for launching the gaming proposition for its BlackBerry 10 platform.

Volker started his career as a corporate lawyer with Luther in Hamburg. He left private practice to work with one of the world’s first mobile technology incubators in 2000 and, over the next ten years, helped launch some of the earliest services and applications in the mobile space.

Volker studied law at the universities of Tübingen and Hamburg and is a member of the German bar. He has extensive board experience with companies in the UK, the US, Germany, Israel, Malta and Poland.

Volker lives in Macclesfield, Cheshire, and is married with two children.

Dr Daniel Prince

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Dr Daniel Prince is a Senior Lecturer in Security and Protection Science within the School of Computing and Communications.

He specialises in Cyber Risk Management and Network Security in complex socio-technical systems, particular cyber physical systems and the financial services sector.

He also works closely with organisations to help them understand the economic growth potential of cyber security.

Brian Higgins

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Brian worked in international casino roles for eighteen years, until 2008 when he changed careers. He enrolled at Birmingham City University reading Criminal Justice and Criminology and went on to serve as an Officer of the Serious Organised Crime Agency until March 2013.

His postings at SOCA included two years working in Financial Investigations and Anti-Money Laundering and twelve months as a Home Office Communications Data Investigator before completing his time in law enforcement in what is now the National Cyber Crime Unit.

He was subsequently employed as Project Manager for Cyber Security Challenge UK; a Cabinet Office funded Company established to foster and encourage talent in the field of cyber security and was Business Development Manager EMEA for (ISC)2, a global membership organization and accreditation body for cyber security professionals until April 2018.

He was Project Manager for the Greater Manchester Cyber Foundry programme at the University of Manchester 2019-20 and is currently the UK security spokesman for Comparitech.com and Director of ARCO Cyber Security Ltd.

Charlie McMurdie

Charlie is an acknowledged cyber crime and security expert who has a proven and highly acclaimed reputation for generating strategic direction and delivery of operational capability to confront the impact of cyber crime whilst proactively utilising and responding to emerging technologies which fuel it.

Charlie as the Senior Cyber Crime Advisor at PwC advised and led for PwC on a range of global strategic and operational cyber security programmes. Charlie also led on cyber crime within Breach Aid, PwC’s critical incident multidiscipline response team.

As a keynote speaker Charlie presents on real world examples of cyber crime and current threats and has taken part in numerous TV and radio programmes and interviews in relation to cyber crime and cyber security issues.

Completing 32 years’ service in the Metropolitan Police retiring at the rank of Detective Superintendent, Charlie is an individual who has breadth of vision, innovation and credibility as demonstrated in establishing and building the Police Central e-crime Unit, a world class cyber crime capability and the national cyber crime investigative and enforcement body in the United Kingdom.

In addition Charlie is an internationally acclaimed authority and advisor on issues within government and industry in relation to the Internet, communication technology, computing and security sectors and an effective ambassador and negotiator with refined interpersonal and influencing skills who led UK policing on a range of strategic programmes and sensitive partnerships with the private sector, and who maintains a unique personal network spanning academia, industry, government, law enforcement, intelligence and security agencies internationally.

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