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Understanding how to manage the fear of failure in yourself, your teams or your service users.

About this Event

More and more I find myself working with people from all kinds of backgrounds who are afraid to change or start something new because they might fail.

I love failure and l would like the opportunity to tell you why you should as well.

This Interactive Webinar is designed to guide you through these themes, by examining the following:-

  • The symptoms of fear of failure.

  • Why failure is good.

  • Tips to assist you to manage your mindset when you don’t achieve your objectives.

  • Practical ways to help you combat the fear of failure going forward.

The session is designed to give attendees the opportunity to learn from each other’s shared experiences, in addition to the webinar content.

The session will start at 12 pm and is designed to last 90 minutes, but please allow 2 hours to enable group discussion.

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