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Grow Your People, Grow Your Business:

About this Event

Aims to equip businesses with the skill set required to manage existing staff effectively, retain your best members of staff while also recruiting for new staff members, integrating mentoring into a business to maximise personal development for employees and ensuring a robust HR function is in place to facilitate this.

The programme is made up of four modules:

  • 26th March, 09:30am: Human Resources – Attendees will gain valuable information on human resources from both a policy/procedure point of view along with information/advice on recruiting, probation, contracts, performance and training
  • 26th March, 1:30pm: Talent Recruitment & Retention – Attendees will receive practical strategies for engaging, recruiting and retaining talent within their organisation
  • 2nd April, 09:30am: Performance Management – An interactive workshop which equips attendees with the skills to take objectives and turn them into measurable actions and outcomes which both benefit the business and the employee.
  • 2nd April, 1:30pm: Mentoring Your People in The Workplace – An interactive workshop which is aimed at maximising personal development of both current and future line managers and all employees looking to develop themselves personally.

This programme consists of four workshops covering human resources, talent retention, performance management and workplace mentoring. Workshops run on the 26th of March and 2nd of April. If you are only interested in attending some of these workshops please email bghworkshops@growthco.uk and a member of the team will be in touch to discuss if this will be possible.

what will be covered ?


  • Introduction
  • What is Mentoring, what it isn’t.
  • How does mentoring benefit people and organisations.
  • Mentoring techniques, situational, transactional.
  • How to implement mentoring in your organisation

Recruitment and retention:

  • Defining a persuasive Employer Brand and Employee Value Proposition to stand out from your competitors
  • The fundamentals of effective job descriptions, candidate considerations, recruiting for values and powerful job adverts
  • Strategies for reaching a wider talent audience to meet your skills set requirements
  • Interviewing essentials – compelling interview considerations to give your company and your candidate the best chance to shine
  • Effective onboarding for increased engagement and productivity
  • Attainable strategic initiatives to boost employee retention

Human resources:

  • Introduction
  • Group based activity
  • What is HR and what is the HR Function?
  • HR Basics, Essentials and Desirables such as:
    Recruiting, contracts, staff handbooks, inductions, probation & performance and training
  • Useful links
  • Options around HR

Performance Management:

  • Introduction
  • Purpose of managing performance
  • Different methods of performance management – including values, behaviours & competencies
  • Objective setting
  • Managing conversations
  • Outcomes & actions
  • Training, personal development & mentoring
  • Individual business action planning

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